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ElisaVR 01-06-2002 22.04.51

Learning English
And if we exercise us in this forum????:D

LauraValiani 02-06-2002 02.59.33

forum in english
i speak english and am looking for info on jovanotti, if anyone would like to respond to this .......thanks.

Graffio 02-06-2002 12.31.38

Oh! this is a good idea!
This is my best frase I've ever written in english! (I Think)

steffi 02-06-2002 14.51.31

Hi guys!!
how is it going?
It will be great to write a bit in English for a change....Nice idea Elisa....:D

ElisaVR 04-06-2002 00.15.38

Laura Valiani: Where do you live in Canada?

Steffi! OK: English course!
Do you speak English very well?

Sorry... but my English is very old... I must "refresh" it!!!!

LauraValiani 04-06-2002 01.00.31

hi, I live in newfoundland, my dad was italian and my mom was irish, but unfortunately, i only speak english

steffi 04-06-2002 16.33.13


I guess my English is pretty good cause I've been here for so long and I've been hanging around mainly with foreigners people.
Let's start the "refreshment" then....


Hi Laura
how is it going?
Have you ever been to Italy?
Have you got any Jovanotti's cds...?

LauraValiani 05-06-2002 00.01.05

hi Steffi.
i' ve never been to italy, but I do have 5 jovanotti cd's.I think he is just great, but it is hard to find info on him in english, and my dad's not around, so I have no one to teach me italian.

steffi 06-06-2002 15.24.33

do you have the translations of his lyrics?

laura_77 06-06-2002 18.06.00

hi there everyboby!!!

I just started studying English on my own, so I guess I suck. But it could be a good exercise.

Great idea ElisaVR!!! well done ;)

bye bye
Laura_77 (I'll sign off this way since there are two Laura here)

ElisaVR 06-06-2002 20.56.48

What can I say?

I studied English at school and at university but results are not too much visible: I understand written English but my bigger problem is the spoken language.
But I'm lucky: from September I'll study this beautiful language in London, so I hope to solve a lot of problems...

Now my boyfriend is just came back from Canada, so I'm prying him to teach me something...
But I'm a little "snob": I prefer the original British pronounciation!!!

See you later! Bye :D

steffi 07-06-2002 15.30.16

one thing is to learn english at school and an other thing is to speak English with english people.
When I first arrived in London I thought it was going to be easy to communicate with other people, cause I was so good in English,but it wasn't like that.
The way British people speak is completely different from what you learn at school.So it is really useful to have an experience abroad.

bissy77 07-06-2002 23.11.25

hello Laura!

so you didn't find anything about lorenzo in english, not even on the internet?
do you need any translation of his songs?
if you want I could help you, you can write me a PM! :D

manu:P 10-06-2002 23.08.18

It's a nice idea!!!
I left my English private lessons and I have to exercise my English!!!!!!!!!!! Ah..... Now it's very difficult writing in English...... No...... I'm unhappy!!!! You must help me...... and I hope you're very patient!!! Then you must pay attention to my mistakes!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love!!!;)

John 11-06-2002 00.48.35

Oh......great!!! :)

I don't speak english!!! :( :(

..........Bye!!! ;)

P.s. I go on the Italian forum:D :D :D

bissy77 11-06-2002 13.47.09

laura, I've wrote an answer for yow, I'll send it as soon as possible!!!!

bissy77 15-06-2002 14.23.46


underdog 26-08-2002 10.17.30

Hallo people...i must try to learn Italian....:-)

manu:P 15-09-2002 22.00.50


Originally posted by underdog
Hallo people...i must try to learn Italian....:-)
... and it's very difficult!!! Isn't it???:alto:

underdog 16-09-2002 10.26.13

for manu
hi .if u will be my teatcher italian language...we must tryit !! :-)

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